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Post Rental Inspections To The Web/BackOffice In Seconds!

Samuel Gottenberg - "SnapItFast is an emerging technology and saves hours of needless repetitive back office work"

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1. How To Use SnapItFast For Property Inspections
2. How We Make The Impossible, Possible. We Will Integrate SnapItFast For You With Any Vendor's Software Even If They Don't Provide An Integration Pathway
If You Need Customizations To Your Software Your Vendor Is Not Providing, We Can Help. Contact Us At 845 379-4315

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SnapItFast Integrates Universally

Integrates With AppFolio, Property Matrix, etc.

Even though some vendor property management software is notoriously hard or impossible to integrate with, we found a way. For those seemingly impossible scenarios, we use a desktop container object to host your property management software along side with the back office SnapItFast application.

No PM Software To Hard To Integrate With

We feel our SnapItFast inspection is so user friendly it's worth your time to integrate adopt it. We use a desktop container object to host your property management software side by side with our back office SnapItFast application. We can integrate with any vendor solution.

Quick Books Integration

If you use Quick Books, we can integrate rental inspection data into your ledger. We will update your ledger with the correct transaction information so your accounting reflects payables for repairs as well as charges to the owner/tenant.

Import Your Inspection Data

We can help you import your inspection data into SnapItFast so your legacy data is available and ready to use in the application. Contact us to discuss importing your legacy data into SnapItFast.

Back office PM Software Integration

We can integrate SnapItFast with your back office property management software. Whether it's a vendor or in house solution no problem. Even if your vendor does not offer an API that we can integrate with, no problem. We have created a work around which is a container application that will allow your vendor software to work side by side with SnapItFast.

In House PM Solutions

If you roll your own property management solution the integration trajectory is easier than difficult vendor integrations. We will integrate with your in house solution via our API.

Export Your Data

We offer a user friendly way of exporting your private data to either a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

Windows/Mac Back office Integration

If your on a Windows or MAC desktop, we can integrate with either of those operating systems. We have a team of Windows and MAC specialists who will discuss your requirements and determine an integration road map.

Vendor Integration Costs

Our vendor integration costs are affordable since most of the work is already done. We're 90% done before we start using our desktop container application that allows you to work side by side with your property management software and SnapItFast.

Pricing Plans

Our Prices Are




per company
  • Photo Inspections
  • Video Inspections
  • Voice Activated Note Entry
  • Keyboard Note Entry
  • Post To Web In Seconds
  • Share Inspections With Contacts
  • Android
  • Pdf Reports
  • Unlimited Support

Inspection Report

For Landlords/Tenants


per report
  • Take Photos/Videos
  • Inspection Report
  • Submit In Court
  • Pdf Report


Custom Software Development


  • API Integration
  • Custom Add-ons
  • Software Development
  • Steel Gate Vendor Customizations

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